Antirouille Expert uses quality products that are superior and give an unbeatable application on the rust proof market.


Before Beginning, A visual inspection of the vehicle is performed. Then a protective carpet is put down on the floor of the vehicule. Wholes are then pierced with an exclusive drill that does not heat the metal so not to cause weak spots for rust. These holes are pierced in specific areas as to reach the rust prone areas. These holes are then closed by small plastic plugs. In case of snow, the vehicule is then dried using a compressed air jet in critical areas.

Under the vehicule and inside the body

We use long vaporizers made exclusively to reach all the necessary areas for the complete maintenance or your vehicle. Thanks to these specialised vaporizers we can reach every nook and cranny. An Antirouille Expert stikker indicates the year of the treatment is placed on the inside of your door.

Impeccable return

Each vehicle is then cleaned and inspected. We then return your vehicle answering any inquiries and giving you the necessary recommendations.


Visit Us!

We Strongly encourage coming to see us, without any obligations on your part. This will allow you to see the quality of our application. Our technicians will gladly answer all of your questions. To offer you an impeccable service, you will receive a call as to remind you of your yearly treatments.


Accepted Payments
Cash, Interac, Visa and Master Card

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